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Barbara was a fantastic instructor who really knows the subject of negotiating.

 - Student


You have no idea how much I've learned.. even my husband has said so and has read some of my text to “counter negotiate” with me. He's always been very supportive and for him to say something additional means that I've made some pretty big leaps and bounds... and that feels AWESOME!
 - Chiqui Flowers


As a result of this course I feel there is more creativity to this process than I knew. This course is beneficial to any woman. A real life-skill builder.

 - Student


Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Training

Professional Women:
Get the Recognition and Rewards You Deserve

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Training

If you are like many women, you want to feel respected, acknowledged for your skills and talents, and paid at least as well as others in your position.

And yet, you often feel:

  • frustrated and unappreciated,
  • underpaid and not heard
  • and confused about how to get ahead.

You may deal with:

  • difficult bosses or co-workers
  • unclear expectations
  • and a workplace that doesn’t feel supportive.

Sometimes working with other women even feels like 8th grade all over again. You feel scared to rock the boat, but you may be sabotaging your success by doing nothing. We can’t blame this all on the men!

The truth is we are not speaking up for ourselves.

Blackstone Associates helps you learn to:

How to get started:

  1. Download your free article, 8 Obstacles to Getting the Recognition and Rewards You Deserve.
    See if you recognize any of these obstacles from your own experience in the workplace. Empower yourself with the awareness of how you've been holding yourself back, and identify the key changes you can make in order to turn things around.
  2. Attend our Developing Self Advocacy Skills for Women seminars.
  3. Explore our specialized solutions for your specific work situation: